The top of the line Alexa XT Plus brings all the best of the Alexa Classic coupled with on-board ArriRaw recording and built in Arri Wireless Remote control features. For larger resolution ArriRaw recording, the XT is equipped with  3.4K Open Gate mode allowing the camera to capture a larger frame size outside of the surround view area. Built in Arri Wireless Remote controls allows the user to attach a 3-channel lens motor system while utilizing the Arri Lens Data System. 

The three different sensor modes of the Alexa XT.


+ What's Included?

- Alexa XT Plus 4:3 Camera
- Electronic Viewfinder w/ extension bracket
- Studio Bridge Plate w/ Dovetail
- Anton Bauer Plate
- Audio and Timecode cable
- AC Power Supply
- High Speed License
- SxS card adapter

- Codex XR 512GB mag
- USB 3.0 XR reader
- 64GB SxS cards
- Anton Bauer VCLX block battery

+ What lens mount options are available?

PL-mount is the only lens mount available for the Alexa XT.

+ Can you shoot 4:3?

Yes you can. The XT has a native 4:3 sensor making it perfect for anamorphic shooting. If you want to shoot 16:9, the camera just crops it from 4:3.

+ What are the High Frame Rate options?

- 16:9 -
ProRes HD: 120fps
ProRes 2k: 60fps
ProRes 3.2K: 30fps
ARRIRAW: 120fps

- 4:3 Full -
ProRes 2k: 48fps
ARRIRAW: 90fps

- 4:3 Cropped -
ARRIRAW: 96fps

- Open Gate -
ARRIRAW: 75fps

+ What is Open Gate?

Open Gate is a mode that records a considerably larger area than the standard 2.8K ARRIRAW format. It actually extends beyond the surround view area. The active frame size of this format is approximately 3.4K in a 1.55:1 aspect ratio.