Lens Accessories


Directors Viewfinders

+Kish Ultimate Directors Finder$125/day

Director's viewfinder for spherical or 2x anamorphic lenses.

+Kish Directors Finder$75/day

Director's viewfinder for spherical lenses.

+Arri Directors Finder$75/day

Small profile director's viewfinder for spherical lenses.

Lens Extenders

+Duclos PL 2x extender$125/day

Compatible with most lenses including Cooke primes and Fuji Cabrio zooms. Integrated back focus adjustment and two stops of light loss.

+Century PL 2x extender$75/day

2x extender with two stops of light loss. *Not compatible with all PL mount lenses.

+Century PL 1.4x extender$75/day

Increases field of view by 1.4x. One stop of light loss. *Not compatible with all PL mount lenses.

Zoom Controls

+Preston Cinema Microforce$50/day

12v or 24v zoom control compatible with all of our zooms and can power off of P-tap or 3-pin fischer.

Lens Prisms

+Eye Direct Mark II$150/day

The EyeDirect is a photographic device that guarantees eye contact from any subject. By employing two mirrors, a 'periscope' is created to draw the subject's attention to what is reflected behind camera. EyeDirect requires no electricity and is as simple as a child's toy.