The newest family to the Arri Digital lineup comes the Alexa Mini. The Mini brings internal UHD recording, HFR recording, user 3d-LUTS, and internal ND's all in a lightweight package. It also comes with a native 4:3 sensor making it a perfect choice for Anamorphic projects. The camera records ProRes and ArriRaw to on-board CFAST 2.0 cards.

The Mini also has built-in support for the Arri Lens Data System and built in wireless receiver functions eliminating the need for a separate motor driver box. This comes as a welcomed feature for weight critical configurations. 

The optional WCU-4 can control the Mini's main functions wirelessly. 

The three different sensor modes of the Alexa Mini

With the 4:3 License and the ArriRaw license the user has the option of recording Open Gate ArriRaw which has a resolution of 3424 x 2202 and a maximum recording speed of 30 fps. As with the ProRes 4:3 recording modes, an optional 2x anamorphic de-squeeze is available for all monitoring paths and a dual 1.5G or 3G SDI setup is supported. 


+ What's Included?

- Alexa Mini Camera Body
- D-Box with AB Gold Mount
- Electronic Viewfinder
- x2 MAP-1 plates
- x2 MAP-2 plates
- Studio Bridge Plate w/ Dovetail
- CCH2 Top handle, Cage Top Handle
- x2 MSB1 Side Brackets
- Anton Bauer Plate w/ Rod Mount, Side Mount
- A-Box and timecode cable
- AC Power Supply

- Arri Broadcast Plate Shoulder Rig
- 128GB or 256GB CFast2.0 Cards
- CFast 2.0 Card Reader
- Arri WCU-4 Wireless Focus Unit
- Switronix Slim batteries

+ What lens mount options are available?

We offer the choice of Canon EF-Mount or Arri PL lens mounts

+ What are the Anamorphic shooting modes?

- 4:3 2880x2160 with max 50fps
- 2:39 De-Squeezed 2048x858 with max 120fps
- 16x9 De-Squeezed and Cropped to 1920x1080 with max 120fps

+ What are the High Frame Rate options?

- 16:9 -
ProRes HD: 200fps
ProRes 2k: 200fps
ProRes 3.2K: 60fps
ProRes UHD: 60fps
ARRIRAW: 48fps

- 4:3 -
ProRes 4:3 2.8K: 50fps

- 6:5 -
ProRes 2.39:1 2K Ana: 120fps

- 8:9 -
ProRes HD Ana: 120fps

- Open Gate -
ARRIRAW 3.4K: 30fps

+ Can the Mini shoot RAW?

Yes, the Mini can shoot ArriRaw up to 48fps in an .MXF container onto CFAST 2.0 Cards.

+ Can the Mini shoot Open Gate RAW?

Yes, the Mini can shoot ArriRaw Open gate at a resolution of 3424 x 2202 and a maximum recording speed of 30 fps.