+Kish Ultimate Directors Finder$125/day

Director's viewfinder for spherical or 2x anamorphic lenses.

+Kish Directors Finder$75/day

Director's viewfinder for spherical lenses.

+Arri Directors Finder$75/day

Small profile director's viewfinder for spherical lenses.


+Duclos PL 2x extender$125/day

A brand new array of optics designed from the ground up, the Duclos 2X Tele-Extender effectively doubles the focal length of the taking lens, providing a narrower field of view while maintaining the highest level of quality. The Duclos 2X Extender features an integrated back focus adjustment for quick, easy field adjustments. No need for shimming. Designed and manufactured with high grade, anodized aluminum body and stainless steel PL mounts, the Duclos 2X Extender excels at maintaining resolution throughout the field for Super 35 format lenses. 2-stop light loss.

+IBE Optics PL 2x extender$125/day

Optically, the PLx2 projects an image with a diameter large enough to cover all common used 35mm formats, including 5K on RED Epic and the full 4:3 frame of ALEXA. Min. image circle projection is 34.5 mm. 2-stop light loss.

+Century PL 2x extender$75/day

2x extender with two stops of light loss. *Not compatible with all PL mount lenses.

+Century PL 1.4x extender$75/day

Increases field of view by 1.4x. One stop of light loss. *Not compatible with all PL mount lenses.


+Preston Cinema Microforce$50/day

12v or 24v zoom control compatible with all of our zooms and can power off of P-tap or 3-pin fischer.


+Eye Direct Mark II$150/day

The EyeDirect is a photographic device that guarantees eye contact from any subject. By employing two mirrors, a 'periscope' is created to draw the subject's attention to what is reflected behind camera. EyeDirect requires no electricity and is as simple as a child's toy.