Full Frame Camera System

Arri’s latest camera pairs the compact size of the popular Alexa Mini with the full-frame sensor of the Alexa LF. The LF Mini utilizes some key upgrades including an OLED monitor, new EVF design, 2-pin accessory port, built-in microphone, and longer wifi range. The LF Mini also uses new Codex Compact Drives.

Sensor Modes



+ What's Included?

- Alexa Mini LF Camera
- CBP-1 19mm Compact Bridge Plate
- CCH-2 Handle
- MAP-2A Adapter Plate
- RAB-1 Rear Accessory Bracket
- Bebob Gold Mount Battery Plate
- A-Box
- AC Power Supply
- LPL > PL Adapter
- Dovetail
- MSB-3/MSB-2 side brackets

- Codex Compact Mag 1TB
- Compact Card reader
- Arri Signature Primes

+ What lens mount options are available?

The Mini LF uses the same mount style as the original Alexa Mini. Our Mini LF includes a LPL mount with a PL adapter. We also offer a Canon EF mount.

+ What the heck does full frame mean?

Full Frame is referring to a century-old film/sensor size that is roughly 36x24mm. It is said to have a more natural field of view and bokeh(out of focus background characteristics) compared to the tighter Super 35mm size.

+ What Recording Modes Are Available?

- 4.5K in LF Open Gate and LF 2.39:1
- UHD in LF 16:9
- 2K 16:9 with in-camera downscale in LF 16:9
- HD 16:9 with in-camera downscale in LF 16:9

+ Is the Mini LF Camera more light sensitive?

Technically it has the same light sensitivity as other Arri cameras, however the larger field of view allows for shallower DOF with a comparable super 35 lens.

+ How do I figure out field of view?

To figure out a full frame equivelent field of view in LF full frame mode, take a Super 35mm lens and divide by 1.5.

+ What are the High Frame Rate options?

ArriRaw up to 40fps
ProRes up to 40fps

16x9 UHD
ArriRaw up to 60fps
ProRes up to 60fps

2.39 4.5K
ArriRaw up to 60fps
ProRes up to 60fps

ProRes up to 90fps

+ What is Open Gate?

LF Open Gate is the largest frame size you can shoot on the LF. It is approximatley a 3:2 aspect ratio resulting in 4448 x 3096 resolution.

+ Can you shoot anamorphic?

Yes, the LF has a desqueeze option in all modes. Additional cropping is required in post.

+ What are the differences between the LF and Mini LF?

The Alexa LF shoots higher framerates, has a built-in wireless video transmitter, and is more AC friendly with the plethora of power and video outputs.